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Mystic Music

Celtic songs, Irish folksongs and self composed ballads. Based on poems of Scottish poets. That is what Celtic Tribe is about. “Celtic” is a broad concept. But everyone has a certain feeling about it. Such as the worship of nature spirits and the earthly rituals of the past. You will regularly encounter themes such as Mother Earth, death, love, Celtic annual festivals and Avalon.


Location: Muziekkoepel Nering Bogel, De Worp te Deventer

Time: 2.30 pm

More information: https://www.muziekkoepelneringbogel.nl/

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Yes!! We can perform again!

Sunday September 26th we will be at the Muziekkoepel Nering Bögel at the Worpplantsoen Deventer

We start at 2:30 PM 

Will we see you then?


Dear All,

We would like to inform you that Sandra (pianist of The Celtic Tribe), has decided to leave The Celtic Tribe after our performance September 26th 2021.

We wish her much success in the future.

The Celtic Tribe will of course continue and we are looking for a new pianist/ keyboardist, but more about that later! Stay Stuned!

Karel, Michiel and Mandy

About us

The four musicians Mandy Rotgans, Sandra de Bruin, Karel Tadema and Michiel Nijs have been performing together in various formations for a long time: from large music projects, musicals, pop music to street theater.

Mandy Rotgans

Mandy Rotgans is the singer of The Celtic Tribe and born with the high “C”. She has been performing as a soloist in various musical projects for years. Music is one of the possibilities for her to communicate from her heart and inner strength. She will gladly take you on a journey during every sung note.

Sandra de bruin

Sandra de Bruin studied piano in Amsterdam and is an all-round pianist. She regularly works as a musical leader in music projects. She toured nationally and internationally with music theater productions and contributed to musicals. She is a regular conductor with various singing groups and pianist/composer with The Celtic Tribe.

Karel Tadema

Karel Tadema is a versatile artist and the driving force behind choirs and musicals, working as a teacher, conductor and composer. Karel is the winner of the Culture Award for the Province of Overijssel 2016. He plays bass guitar in the Over de IJssel Orchestra, The Other Way Around, The pop quiz band and with The Celtic Tribe.

Michiel Nijs

Michiel Nijs is a professional session drummer. He plays all styles, from Metal to Blues to accompanying drums with musicals, and works all year round on music projects. Michiel has performed with several bands: This Apple Blues, Noctulux and The Passion Deventer. He is currently a regular drummer with the band The Celtic Tribe.

" Mysterious Celtic songs, Irish folk songs, musical Scandinavian poetry, interspersed with modern ballads and own songs. Mother Earth, mysterious love, the loss, the elusive ... but also earthy rock! "

The Celtic Tribe can provide a varied evening-filling program. But also a short, acoustic performance with calm ballads is possible.